Melbourne By Bike Tours On Offer

There is so much to see in Melbourne. 

There is an Aboriginal proverb that says something like,

"If you understand where you are standing, you will appreciate where you are standing so much more." 

Our guided tours aim to help you understand Melbourne.

No two tours are ever the same because they are personalised!


Bike Tour Departure points:

  1. City (Federation Square opposite Flinders St Station) - this is most popular start because it is easily accessible

  2. Port Melbourne - if you are coming in on a cruise ship

  3. St Kilda (beachside) - where you get to see beach and more suburban life on our way into the city. You will see less of the city than in other tours. (Feel free to request this start location) Recommended during warmer months only.

We can provide instructions to help you get to the start.


The tour route is dependent on; 

  1. Where we commence,

  2. Your interests (happy to take you to specific places of interest to you), and 

  3. Your riding ability (this determines what distance we travel).


Each Bike Tour
Guide will be wearing blue t-shirt, yellow jacket or safety vest. No storage available. No office. After a chat about the safety of riding in Melbourne, an overview of Melbourne, a bike & helmet fitting, and a waiver signing, we will be off to see the sights.


Tour Cost
Please note: this is a premium tour. You are only in Melbourne for a brief time. We aim to respect that and show you as much of Melbourne as we can, whilst giving you an understanding of the Melbourne culture. We are fully insured and do other Melbourne tours ourselves to constantly learn and summarise the best information for YOU!


A bicycle tour costs $A120 per person for a 4+ hour tour including bike hire, helmet and a light lunch.


Tour Duration
A little over 4 hours. This includes time for a casual lunch together (cost is included) whenever you are ready. Any shorter than this and you just couldn't see it all! You'll be amazed at how much there is to see here... Did you know that Melbourne, Australia was voted the world’s most liveable city in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016? See why for yourself!


Payment can be made one of 4 ways:

  1.  Directly into our bank account (Australian accounts only)

  2. Credit Card

  3. Using PayPal you can make a one-off payment with your credit card

  4. Using PayPal you can pay from your account.


You can investigate when tours are going out by using the BOOK NOW button below.

You can abort if you do not wish to book.

If your date is not available, just ask!

There is some flexibility with dates if you are booking in advance :)