Melbourne By Bike Tour Guide Requirements

Love Melbourne and it's history more than most?

Love meeting people and showing off your city?

Have advanced social skills?

A competent, confident bike rider?

Have an ABN number?

You need to have lived in Melbourne most of your life to be authentic to our guests. This should not be your primary source of income as work is intermittent dependant on visitor bookings.

Professional manner, with high standards of service to meet and show visitors of Melbourne around our great and ever changing city.

Days flexible. 1,2 or 3 days per week. 

Guaranteed fun and satisfaction.

As the leader of our tours, you're expected to be a powerful presenter and confident public speaker. You should have no problems building a rapport with people from all walks of life. On any given tour you may have an elderly European couple, some Americans, a few Kiwis, some students, etc. - you should be able to relate with all of them individually and make them feel like part of a cohesive group as you lead the tour.

You should also be able to deal with adversity without showing signs of stress.  While we love sunny days, you’re bound to do many tours in the howling wind and pouring rain.  Regardless, you have to have a game face on at all times.

Qualifications you must have include:

  • University graduate with an applicable degree in history, political science, drama etc.

  • Very strong knowledge of Australian history.  What you do not yet know we can help teach you.  You should also be able to deliver this history in palatable chunks people can grasp and take with them.

  • Previous experience traveling is an advantage.  Please note that we do not hire anyone who has not spent considerable time in Melbourne!

  • You MUST be a native English-speaker.  No exceptions.

  • Flexible work hours all year long.  Please note that we do NOT hire anyone that is only passing through for a few months. You must be exceptionally motivated to work very hard.

  • Strong desire to help grow the company.  We’re a small team from all walks of life. You should be social, friendly, have a great sense of humour, and possess a vivacious disposition.

  • Humour! We want you to explain history in a way that keeps people’s attention and helps them understand what makes Melbourne so unique.  You should be an entertainer as well as a historian.

  • Confidence with bike riding.  Dainty people need not apply.

  • Ability to take on freelance work in Melbourne. 

  • Training!  We conduct training for new staff throughout the year, so we need folks that are able to jump into action whenever the time is right.

So yes, basically we’re looking for a few fun people you would like to spend time with!

Please email a brief summary of why this would suit you and a one page resume to

Thank you for your interest.