Each tour we do gives to Bicycles For Humanity!

Who are Bicycles For Humanity?

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We know a bike is a life changing object the world over. In the developing world it is life changing on a different scale. It allows access to health care, education, economic opportunity and wider community. Sustainable transport is a big lever in breaking the poverty cycle - a bike means you can travel twice as far, twice as fast and carry four times the load - this alone is enough to provide a change in circumstance that is profound and lasting but there's more to this project than just that. 

Each of the 40 ft shipping containers that Bicycles For Humanity sends becomes a bike workshop - providing employment, skills, training, business, opportunity and economic development for the community in which it's placed. Each of these Bicycle Empowerment Centres (BEC) becomes a self sustaining entity - fitting very cleanly into the model of micro-financed small business that is lately seen as one of the central ways for the developing world to move away from aid dependence. 

Bicycles For Humanity is wholly volunteer led and run, meaning that practically all funds raised go directly towards programs.
  • ess to health, education and basic livelihood.