Each tour we do gives to Bicycles For Humanity!

Who are Bicycles For Humanity? 

We know a bike is a life changing object the world over. 
In the developing world it is life changing on a different scale. It allows access to health care, education, economic opportunity and wider community. Sustainable transport is a big lever in breaking the poverty cycle - a bike means you can travel twice as far, twice as fast and carry four times the load - this alone is enough to provide a change in circumstance that is profound and lasting but there's more to this project than just that. 

Each of the 40 ft shipping containers that Bicycles For Humanity sends becomes a bike workshop - providing employment, skills, training, business, opportunity and economic development for the community in which it's placed. Each of these Bicycle Empowerment Centres (BEC) becomes a self sustaining entity - fitting very cleanly into the model of micro-financed small business that is lately seen as one of the central ways for the developing world to move away from aid dependence.
We’re seeking your support for our charity event, Cycle For Humanity 2016.

In short, you ride 110km (can do it over a month, weekend, day… whatever you choose!), get sponsored $110, get sent gear worth over $110 (a no brainer really even if you don’t ride!) and empower others less fortunate. Please feel free to send this to anyone you think may be interested!

We commenced this event in 2015, but it’s following for 2016 is rapidly growing.

And we thought that this could be a great opportunity for you to lend your support to our work in sending secondhand bicycles to disadvantaged communities. To date, we’ve sent over 5000 bicycles to Africa, and with an increasing interest from more locations in Africa, and in other parts of the world and in Australia, we need your support to achieve these aims.

Regard for our work that provides empowerment and social development in disadvantaged communities continues to amaze us. But Bicycles For Humanity’s reputation in delivering sound programs, supported by generous volunteers and donors has always been highly regarded. We provide a level of openness and transparency, and opportunities for direct engagement at every stage of our work.

Added to this is that our organisation is wholly volunteer led and run, meaning that practically all funds raised go directly towards programs.

Our 2016 Goals and Cycle For Humanity

We have an ambition to collect, pack, and ship out another 2000 bicycles in 2016. We need another $50,000 to achieve this.

So we’re looking for people to take part in Cycle For Humanity 2016, our own in-house produced major event, that allows Riders to participate anywhere, anytime.

As an organisation, you have a unique opportunity to participate in Cycle For Humanity 2016.

You can form a team, or get behind a team. Both registration and participation are simple.

Registering for Cycle For Humanity 2016


Individual Riders first Register on our event website. Registration is free and participants can start fundraising with their own fundraising page link.

When they reach the minimum of $110 raised, they qualify as a Rider. We send them a bunch of bike gear with a retail value over $120, and their continuing achievements will be applauded by all.


10 Riders can form a Team. 

  • Sponsor a team formed by members and friends in your company. 
    A sponsorship contribution of $1100 gets you recognised as a Team sponsor. To recognise this, we'll put your logo on all of your Team member fundraising pages, and list your company name on the event Teams webpage.

  • For an additional $400, we'll include your e-flyer in our Cycle For Humanity participants pack to everyone who registers.

  • For a further $400, we'll put your logo and weblink on the event Teams webpage.

  • For an additional $2,500, we emblazen your logo and message on a shipping container that we'll send to a new community. The shipping container stays in its destination and remains as a community hub and bicycle workshop.

(Please note that all sponsorship amounts exclude GST)

For all Riders, we have incentives for participation, like huge discounts to Bicycle Superstore bicycle service deals (for Early Birds) and in their apparel range. Check our website regularly for details and updates.

Above all, your support will go towards enhancing and expanding the work that Bicycles For Humanity achieves globally.

We hope that your participation will be rewarded in recognition and knowledge that your support directly raises the opportunities for individuals, families and communities who may otherwise be limited in access to health, education and basic livelihood.