How Do we Celebrate Australia Day? 26th January

  1. BBQ

    The BBQ – a clichéd tradition, but a tradition all the same. Majority of Aussies will be enjoying a snag to ring in the holiday. Keep it simple and top it off with some tomato sauce or make it gourmet & slide some grilled beetroot into your burger (you'll thank us later). 

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  2. The Beach

    Aussies love the beach and since Australia Day falls in Summer many Aussies will hit the beach and the ocean to cool down. Play a classic game of cricket in the sand with the whole family or build a castle as high as the sky. 

  3. Dressing up

    Wearing anything with the Australian flag on it is a wide-spread tradition. Temporary tattoos, novelty sunglasses, t-shirts, boardies, thongs, bikinis - if it has our flag or a kangaroo on it, then wear it with pride! Our fashion experts are saying that 2017 is the year of the bucket hat. 

  4. Triple J’s Hottest 100 (I've never listened to this station!)

    Radios on Australia Day will all be switched to Triple J for the Hottest 100 countdown – a compilation of the biggest songs over the past year. By the end of the day, everyone is singing along and making bets on who will be number one. Have you voted for your top 10 of 2016? 

  5. Pool Party

    Let's face it, it's pretty hot on this day. As much as it is a tradition to be donning the southern cross budgy smugglers, so is lounging by the pool. The kids are kept busy playing and you can relax on the side with a cool one. 

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  6. Local parks

    Everyone wants to find the perfect spot to claim for the day. You pack a picnic to spread out on the grass or find a BBQ to cook up a storm. It's a day worth getting outside and enjoying the season. 

  7. Thong challenge

    A growing Australian tradition, the Havaianas Thong Challenge, involves thousands of people grabbing inflatable thongs and heading to the beach. For more information, head to the Australia Day Thong Challenge website.

  8. Watch the Tennis

    The Australian Open is heating up when Australia Day rolls around each year and spectators at the game get decked out in Aussie gear and cheer on their favorite players. (And if you can't get to the Open, head to a court and play like Nadal!). 
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  9. Eat Aussie cuisine

    Finally, enjoy some real Australian grub. Spread the vegemite thick on toast (with a bit of avo), bite into a lamington and let the coconut coat your lips, or enjoy some seafood - fish and chips, anyone?

10. Fireworks

Many city councils will hold a public fireworks display for all to enjoy. Watch the sky burst with life and colour, ending your Australia Day with an experience that leaves you with a little belief in magic and wonder. 

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